The administration is actively participating in the implementation of the Quality Management System of the Company, at all levels of the hierarchy and the continuous improvement of its efficiency. To this end:

    1. Sets the overarching goal to satisfy the customer's requirements and the Legal and Regulatory Requirements
    2. Establishes a specific Quality Policy
    3. Identify objectives for Quality
    4. Specifies the company's organizational structure and responsibilities for all matters relating to the QMS

  2. Customer Focus
    The Company has developed, describe and implement processes to ensure that customer requirements are clearly defined and that they are satisfied in ever greater degree.

  3. Quality Policy
    The quality policy of the company "METAL", aims to fully meet the demands of the market and individual clients.

    The basic principle is the professional ethics in relationships with customers and partners, the continuous improvement of quality, manpower, tools and processes, as well as the continuous improvement of QMS

    Goal, robust construction offer quality at competitive prices. Also, a key goal is the complete satisfaction of the Customer which acts to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in which it operates.

    To implement this policy, the Company:
    1. Implements methods and procedures which comply with the current state of Science and Engineering and the provisions of the relevant applicable legislation.
    2. Uses appropriate machinery and trained personnel in all areas of the Company.
    3. Monitors and controls all phases of the production process.
    4. Sets the foreground of all activities on prevention, so as to minimize the likelihood of non-compliance with quality requirements.
    5. Defines quality objectives and controls to achieve them.
    The Company is committed to implement the quality policy, while ensuring that this policy is known and understood at all levels and is applicable to all the workers who have been trained to properly implement it.



The study and planning of construction is carried out with all standards provided for by the international and Greek rules:

  1. Eurocode 1 (Basic principles of designing and acting in constructions).
  2. Euro code 3  (Design of  steel structures),
  3. Eurocode 4 (Design of Composite Structures.
  4. Hellenic Seismic Regulation (HSR 2000),
  5. DIN 18800 (charges),
  6. New regulation of Concrete Technology,
  7. New Regulation of Study and Construction of Concrete,

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